Businesses large and small benefit from charter flights. Allowing executives to maximize their time efficiency traveling to offline locations, or on roadshows, flexible direct travel maximizes the business’ efficiency. For a few passengers or large groups traveling to trade shows, ACA has the expertise to serve your corporate travel department’s needs.

Your time is precious and whether jetting away for vacation, an important celebration, or an exciting event, let us make the travel part of your journey comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious. With access to all types of aircraft and concierge services to address your ground transfer and inflight requests, we are your air charter partner for you most important personal flights.

ACA has been involved in supporting directly, or through prime and sub-contractors, US and Allied government and military operations at home and abroad, since the 1980s. This includes operating in active war zones, rapid response movements, and sensitive commodities and/or destinations. ACA intimately understands the concerns and needs of Government Entities and Prime Government Contractors, and works to assist them in hitting their performance targets. Heavily involved with flight operations into FOBs and Air Bases in-theater, and able to arrange armed convoys, ACA has the network and skill set to accomplish your goals.

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When disaster strikes, you need the peace of mind that experts are on the job. ACA’s charter and logistics experts have provided emergency charter and logistics services for every major disaster since the 1970s including Chernobyl, the Asian Tsunami, the Pakistan Earthquake, the Haiti earthquake, and most major hurricanes including Georges, Katrina, Maria, and more. Working with Governments (US and Foreign), NGOs, Charities, and businesses, ACA has the expertise to navigate the hectic environments of disaster areas. Aware and experienced with these operations, we work to mitigate the risks and delays that often impact the normal supply chains into the area. When the need is the greatest, you can put your trust in ACA to deliver.

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The Aerospace Industry produces highly sophisticated technologies that require the highest levels of care and special planning when transported. ACA has experience across the industry transporting aircraft engines for production and AOG, Satellites for Launch, as well as a myriad of components. Working with multiple manufacturers in the industry, ACA has built a reputation of excellence and reliability. As your advocate and solutions provider, we make your priorities our own.

Powering the world’s economy is crucial for prosperity and growth and ACA provides critical project freight forwarding services for the energy industries’ most complex transportation challenges. Oil and Gas, Wind Generation, Diesel Power, Turbines, and Nuclear Energy are subsections that ACA maintains experience in. In the oil industry, ACA has transported emergency parts for oil pipelines and spills and pieces for new platform or rig construction. Our Nuclear experience goes back to the 1990s with moving spent fuel rods for reactors, and continues to this day on recent projects. ACA is active in the electrical power market for temporary and permanent power moving generators, switchgears, transformers, and all manner of electrical supplies to points foreign and domestic for emergency situations and new plant builds. The Energy industry is one of the core industries serviced by ACA International.

The show must always go on, and the complex logistics behind the scenes makes this possible. From Musical Acts, Sporting Events, and Museum Tours, to Film Festivals and Corporate Events, ACA provides the care and proactive approach necessary to keep your mind at ease. Whether it is chartered passenger aircraft, or ground movement of stage equipment, we can satisfy your needs, keeping you focused on the content of your production. With years of experience and a worldwide network of agents with the same, we can assist you with tours large and small, and single events around the world.

Shipments of high value require special care and procedures to ensure their safety. Whether it is Jewelry, Raw Metals, Medicines, or high value tech components, ACA has the experience and provides the oversight necessary to succeed with these highly sensitive shipments.

Private security companies operate with discretion and expedience. ACA has an abundance of both and understands that when the need arises, time is of the essence. Experienced moving teams large and small, armed and unarmed, when your need is critical, you can rest assured you are working with experts in chartered aircraft. Our phones are monitored 24 hours a day to provide a solution.

Since the 1970s ACA has been one of the most active companies providing chartered aircraft for live animal transportation with a particular focus on dairy cattle. In that time ACA has moved over 50,000 head of cattle to the Middle East and Latin America. Additional experience in exotics such as llamas and alpacas gives ACA a broad based knowledge of the oversight and care required to successfully transport live animals.

Since 1978, ACA has served the freight forwarding community with cargo aircraft charters. For extra capacity, consolidations, offline destinations, or oversized pieces, we have the solution you need to meet your client’s demands. Additionally, ACA provides project freight services by air, ocean or ground, for break bulk, RoRo, dangerous goods, and high value commodities. ACA is your partner for your most difficult freight!

Our company provides many services to the airline industry, including consulting services for starting operations, aircraft acquisition and leasing, cargo aircraft charters for AOG situations, and backup aircraft chartering. The most successful airline operations are the ones that work collaboratively in the industry, and ACA already maintains relationships with carriers across the globe.

For an event or holiday operation, selecting the right aircraft can be the difference between success and failure. Our long experience and large network of aircraft allows us to match your specific needs with the best available option. For ad-hoc charters, scheduled charter programs, or aircraft leases, let our specialists help you navigate this crucial part of your business.

The automotive supply chain is a highly orchestrated machine that must keep moving to stay profitable. Moving low inventory components, plant machinery parts, or executives on the passenger side, ACA has extensive experience in this industry. As such, we understand the particular challenges of this business and work to mitigate them ensuring a successful operation.

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